Africa’s leading business school, the UCT GSB has its roots in Africa and aims to be a leading emerging market business school that is relevant, excellent and grounded in values.

Marketing Objectives

  1. Raise brand and product offering awareness.
  2. Manage brand reputation and image
  3. Increase market share and sales
  4. Attract and retain good candidates locally and

Strategy and Execution

Rothko develops an annual content strategy across multiple platforms and channels to achieve the GSB’s marketing objectives. These include:

  • PR and media events
  • Writing content for the website and designing online banners
  • Creating written and visual content for variety of newsletters
  • Writing and designing the online and print publication “GSB Business Review” bi-annually
  • Producing, writing and designing multiple brochures and publications throughout the year for print and online
  • Adapting PR content for Social Media and providing associated design elements


The total GSB PR coverage in 2014 amounted to a R208 789 563 in PR Value and R69 596 521 in Advertising Value. Corporate PR coverage increased 3.22 times from 2013 to 2014. The GSB continues to strengthening its position as the top business school on the continent, with more top rankings and accreditations than any of its competitors.

“Rothko has been a trusted UCT GSB partner for over 15 years and we have a very strong integrated relationship with them. They are a key link in our business and thoroughly understand the nuances that go with marketing communication for an educational institute. They have a keen sense of the type of content that works to achieve our business objectives and have been effective in producing work that delivers to that. I would highly recommend their services to any other educational organisation looking for a partner to help them succeed.” – Saskia Hickey- UCT GSB Marketing intelligence and strategy manager