UCT English Language Centre (ELC) is a brand new English language school linked to UCT, that teaches English as a foreign language to international students in South Africa.

Marketing Objectives

  1. Develop a new brand and successfully position it against it’s local and global competitors
  2. Create high levels of awareness amongst the core target markets
  3. Drive online sales

Strategy and Execution

Rothko developed an integrated marketing strategy and implementation plan for UCT ELC. We started by creating a fresh corporate identity for the brand with maximum standout value. We then generated solid written and visual content for the required digital elements, and produced a comprehensive SEO website with original design, multi-lingual functionality, downloadable brochures, online booking functionality, and a YouTube channel. An email campaign was launched targeting at foreign English language agents who would be a primary source of potential students. Rothko also did local PR around the centre’s opening.


Upon the centre’s opening on 18/11/2015 the school exceeded booking expectations. The client was delighted with the result and continue to grow its marketing efforts with Rothko in 2016.

“Rothko really lived up to their payoff line “Brand Partners” when they developed the UCT ELC brand and website. They were patient, flexible, proactive and always on hand to explain anything we required. As a university faculty, we were not experienced with marketing in this sector and Rothko were able to guide and support us in this new space. We were delighted with the results and, I would highly recommend their service and expertise.” – Simon Harrison, UCT ELC Principal