Omega Caro-E


Omega Caro-E is an omega-3 supplement that is owned by Biosenta, and was developed in conjunction with the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Its unique formula has been specially patented and its ingredients have had extensive scientific research supporting their effectiveness at lowering the risk of cancer and other chronic conditions.

Marketing Objectives

Omega Caro-E was new to market. It had extremely low levels of brand awareness and a very limited marketing budget. Rothko needed to position the brand in the market and generate high levels of brand awareness amongst the target audiences in order to increase listings in the trade and ultimately to drive sales.

Strategy and Execution

Rothko conducted research into the market and target audience, and developed an effective positioning for the brand. An integrated communications strategy was then developed that encompassed above-the-line and digital elements. Radio was a lead medium that was used to drive high levels of brand awareness in key retail areas Omega Caro-E and to aid listings in major retailers. Rothko was able to maximise awareness for the brand by purchasing prime radio spots through their innovative media partner at a 38% discount. A digital campaign plan was also developed, where Facebook was used as a primary channel to build the brand and to create a loyal client base within health conscious communities that use supplements as part of their daily health regiment.


Biosenta was delighted with the outcomes of the marketing campaign. The Omega Caro-E brand has been established in the trade and amongst the target audience, and the product is moving off the shelves. Rothko has also helped Omega Caro-E to achieve a significant online presence, including 2605 FaceBook page likes, 1300 page visits and over 79,000 post impressions in a limited time frame.